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Acapela Mix
DJ Lightbolt - 79 minutes

"This mix explores the roots of all music,
because the first human instruments must have been vocal chords and percussion."

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-Music a Godly Ting/ Birth Celebration- B. Marley/ Pygmies
-You Strike The Rock- Sophie Mgcina + Dolly Rathebe
-Your Worries/ Mystic Oceans- Sweet Honey In The Rock
-We are One- Sweet Honey In The Rock
-Babanzélé/ Sea Lion Woman- Zap Mama/ Shipp Sisters
-Soma so de la de Sase- Bobby McFerrin
-Soltarlo- Claudia Gomez
-Song For Asoyin- Lázaro Ros
-Mizike- Zap Mama
-Nabombeli Yo- Zap Mama
-Denko- Sweet Honey In The Rock
-Last Night a DJ Saved my Life- Indeep
-Rosie- Parchman Farm Penitentiary
-Circlesong Four- Bobby McFerrin
-Yemaya- P18
-Untitled- North Indian Folk Song
-Woke Up This Morning w/ My Mind Set On Freedom-
 Freedom Singers+Bernice Johnson
-Elegua- Francisco Aguabella +Tambores Bata
-Nab 'Abantu Besibiza (There're People Calling You)-
 South African Double Quartet
-Consuelate Como Yo- Ignacio Pineiro
-Circlesong Five- Bobby McFerrin
-Tonga- Faraualla
-Turn Me Around- The Freedom Singers
-Deer Dance- J. Shenandoah + L. Laughing
-Y'zinga- Robben-Island Prison Singers
-Marie-Josée- Zap Mama
-Circlesong Seven- Bobby McFerrin
-Take me Coco- Zap Mama
-Gangsta's Paradise (acapela)- Coolio

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