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MJ Mix
DJ Lightbolt - 73 minutes

"It's impossible to pay homage to the whole legacy of Michale Jackson in a CD-length mix,
but I had to try..."

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Track List:

01. Dat Ain't No Michael Jackson
02. Maria
03. ABC
04. Love's Gone Bad
05. I Want You Back
06. Don't Stop Til U Get Enough (demo)
07. Don't Stop Til U Get Enough
08. Wanna B Startin' Something
09. Wanna B Startin' (w/ Akon)
10. Billie Jean (Milkshake remix- Lightbolt)
11. Billie Jean (Daft Punk remix)
12. You Rock My World
13. It's Your Thing (J5 95 remix)
14. The Girl is Mine (w/ Will.i.am)
15. Beat It
16. Blood on the Dancefloor
17. Morphine
18. Dirty Diana
19. In the Closet
20. State of Shock (w/ Mick Jagger)
21. D.S.
22. Privacy
23. Who is It?
24. Too Bad
25. Why You Wanna Trip On Me?
26. 2000 Watts

27. Thriller
28. Mama Say (Lightbolt remix)
29. Billie Jean (Club Remix)
30. Last Laugh (Vincent Price)

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