Nicky Enright, The Free Flag, 2012
5'x8' flag on 30' outdoor flagpole

free flag

The Free Flag was exhibited in This Side of Paradise, mounted by No Longer Empty.  It is a symbol for global citizens who wish to travel and live wherever they choose. Rather than representing a certain territory, this flag stands for those who yearn to be free.

In the contemporary globalized world there are growing numbers of people with complicated relationships to nation states; people born between borders and laws, with no clear status, or multiple citizenships.  Many have an overarching loyalty to the planet rather than to an artificially delineated territory, and therefore uneasy associations with flags. Global citizens recognize that everyone is a prisoner of nations; banned from leaving a country without the permission embodied in a passport, and barred from entering a country without the consent of border bureaucrats. The Free Flag is a contribution to the dialogue about immigration and nationhood.

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