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Warrior Mix (pick up your sword & shield)
DJ Lightbolt - 79 minutes

"Sometimes you gotta pick up your sword & shield. The Warrior Mix harnesses the power of music to help one recharge and to inspire an invincible fighting spirit."

Warning: explicit lyrics, hot temperature.

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warrior mix cover

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-Fighting Against Conviction- Bunny Wailer
-War Dem Want- T.O.K.
-Compton- GuerrillaBlack+ BeenieMan
-Man A Badman- TOK + Bounty Killer
-HowI CouldJustKillAMan- Cypress Hill
-Ruff Ryder Anthem- DMX
-Warrior- Nelly
-Keep It Blazin'- T.O.K.
-Mama Said Knock You Out- LL Cool J
-Badman forward bad man pull up- Ding dong
-Rastaman Live Up!- Bob Marley & The Wailers
-Wayward Soul- Banco de Gaia v. DMX v. This Little Light
-Murder Them- Ninjaman
-Warrior Charge- Aswad v. eyes on the prize
-I am the Warrior- El Roockie
-Worldwide Connection- Ward 21
-We No Skin Teeth- Tanto Metro & Devonte
-The Harder They Come- Jimmy Cliff
-Struggle Ha Fi Gwan- Johnny Osbourne
-Keep on Moving- Bob Marley
-Never Get Weary- Toots & TheMaytals v. civil rights
-War Ina Babylon- Max Romeo
-Survivor- Chuck Fenda
-Away With Your Fuss & Fighting- Ranking Joe
-Can't Get Me Down- Warrior King
-Shadow of Death- Emmanuel Jal
-Keep Ya Head Up- 2Pac
-Come On- The Notorious B.I.G.
-C'mon- The X-Ecutioners
-Sucka Thank He Cud Wup Me- X-Ecutioners +Dead Prez
-Fuck The Law- Dead Prez
-Hood News/Struggle Like Us- Dead Prez
-Militia Remix- Gang Starr
-I'm a Thug- Trick Daddy
-You'll Find A Way-Dead Prez
-Hands Up- Capleton
-Definition Of A Warrior- Yerba Buena
-Psychopath Nut- -Bey
-Turn me Round, Give I Strength- DJ Lightbolt
-there is a way- Mos Def v. mass meeting
-Deliverance- Bubba Sparxxx
-Everyday Good- Patrice
-Die Trying- Cee-Lo
-Work- Bob Marley
-Conquer Dem- Natural Black
-Get Up Stand Up/No More Trouble/War- Bob Marley- Live
-African Chant (TopBillin Mix)- DJ KingTutt +ScottieB

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