Nicky Enright, The Globo, 2008 - present
Printed bills, framed prints, money case on pedestal
+ real bills (performance/intervention)

the globo

The Globo is a universal currency.  A fusion of the legal tender of over twenty-five countries, the Globo evokes a vision of world unity and progress, while simultaneously suggesting the ever-increasing reach of corporate globalization.
The Globo evokes unity and confronts exploitation by making the adoption of the first-ever international minimum wage theoretically possible. The Globo is a performance piece as well as an intervention into the real-world economy. They exist as large framed prints and as actual bills that I use and distribute, sparking disbelief and debate.
The Globo represents the abstraction that underlies all money, and emphasizes the need to transform the stark inequalities of a globalized labor force.


globo case

Selected Press:

Video by The Wall Street Journal
Globo article in The Wall Street Journal
Globos stolen from World Bank exhibition
The Globo in Forbes
Art in Odd Places
Interkulturell (German)
Olympia (Greek)
The Dollar Redesign Project

The Globo Exhibition History:

-2014, Art in Odd Places, NYC, "Globo Exchange"
-2014, Emerson Gallery Berlin, Germany, "Ecuador trifft Berlin"
-2013, NURTUREart, NYC, "Cashing Out"
-2012, University of Maryland University College, "Vista: Contemporary Works by Latin American Artists"
-2012, The World Bank, Washington DC, "El Cambio / About Change"
-2010, Exit Art, NYC, "Global National"
-2009, The Ice Box, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA, "Diálogo"
-2009, Exit Underground, NYC, "America for Sale"
- 2008, Times Square Gallery, Hunter College, NYC, "SynThesis"

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